Thursday, September 12, 2013

Protective styles: Seneglease/Marley Twists

Since school has started back I have been incredibly busy, with very minimal time to breathe let alone do my hair. LOL So i have been searching for a protective style that I could still feel glam in but took zero maintenance and would last through my workouts and daily hustle and bustle. So I went to youtube and got inspired.
I picked my only free day I have had since school has started and decided to try this style. Now If you click the link you'll see it is a tutorial for marley twists. But I set out to do seneglease twists, I just needed to know how to start them. I chose this method because it seemed the easiest and looks so natural. 
As you see my twists aren't small enough to be seneglease but aren't large enough to be Marley, so they fall somewhere in the middle, but I absolutely love them anyway. It did take me a while to love them but after to weeks and countless compliments, I'm obsessed.

Products used: Cantu Natural Hair lotion that I reviewed in a previous post

i've always been a fan of mini-twists on my own hair so I am really love this protective style, because its thicker and fuller and I have so many style options. Plus I work out so hard I really enjoy the low maintenance. I recommend this to anyone. disclaimer: it did take me all day doing these on myself but it was worth it.

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