Thursday, September 19, 2013

My Natural Hair Straightened! 4Yrs Post Big Chop!

Septemeber 21, 2009 I decided to chop of my hair after 2 years of transitioning post relaxer. Its been four years since I chose to chop it off because transitioning was taking so long and look where I have finally hit......BSL. 
Since the semester started i've been searching for a quick low maintenance hair style and I started with what I know of course..a good flat iron. It dawned on me that I hadnt done a length check in a while so I took a pic and to my surprise had finally hit BSL.
I put so much work into my hair over the years. Tried so many products and hair care and maintenance have been quite a process but this was my goal length from the day I started and now I am finally there!

I used my curl wand on my hair like I typically do my weave and I couldn't believe  how pretty it turned out. PROUD!!

Hang in there to all the naturals, it is completely worth it.

Who is you hairspiration? why did you go natural? leave a comment below

xoxo Starterbeauty

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