Tuesday, August 20, 2013

The Black Jean: Back 2 School

So for most people school is back in session and that means the hallways are the new runways. This week I'll be showing you three different ways to dress up or down, the black jean.

It was cooler yesterday morning so I paired my skinny black jean with a short sleeved thin sweater and a blazer on top that I took off as it warmed up.

A big tote bag works great for books and if you don't have much to carry, it's much cuter.

To keep it school appropriate and accessible to all ages I paired it with sneaker wedges. Am I the only one surprised these shoes are still trendy ?? Lol

Idk if you can tell but I'm ready for fall, because I was to thirsty to throw on this blazer lol

Stay tuned all week for my pairings with black jeans that I got from H&M btw.

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