Monday, August 12, 2013

How To: Curvy Girls Do Crop Tops

So I took a short vacation home to celebrate my bro's bday and to attend the Chicago stop of the America's Most Wanted Tour with Lil' Wayne and 2Chainz. While shopping for something to wear my sis convinced me to try crop tops because she swears my belly is flat when its definitely not. LOL It forced me to make it work, despite my size, and here is how I did it.

SO about the above pic, NO i didnt wear that together LOL, I was already wearing the shorts and just trying out the top. But lets get to the real meat and potatoes. If your boobs are pretty plump and your stomach is not flat, you can still do it but do it with a printed crop top. I find that prints are very distracting and can be quite slimming if the background it darker. And to hide the tummy, pair with a high waisted bottom. In light of the soon to be fading summer you can switch up the bottom to a high waisted pant, skirt, capri, etc. But make the bottom lose fitting, like the chiffon shorts above or the leather skirt below. BTW the polka dot top was $9.99 ftom Marshalls.
So the above crop is a mystery to me lol It being dark is of course slimming but it being solid definitely can high light your lumps and bumps so definitely stick with dark and a good bra because the cut of this goes in closer to your breast, exposing all the arm which are very sensitive parts of my body because i got some fat arms honestly LOL (don't judge my honesty). I paired this top with a faux leather skirt from F21 that was $8 and the top was $7. I will definitely transition this piece into my fall wardrobe, under some blazers. I'll show you later how arm fat went wrong in this top? lol  
I found this denim Crop top at Marshalls for $7. The cut is steeper that the others, so prop up the boobs, it will make your waist appear slimmer and again pair with a high waisted bottom.
Where I went wrong on this crop top....the bottoms are to tight, which just makes your tummy bulge. You live and your learn LOL
So here we go with "when arm fat goes wrong" lol Which again is why this top is a mystery to me..why would they cut a top like this?? LOL but more importantly, how did i allow myself to be talked into this damn shirt? Oh well, when it gets worn again, it'll be under a blazer.

That's all for now on my fashion do's and dont's lol I hope it helped any curvy beauties who want to take part in this trend. Don't let your size deter you from being cute LOL


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