Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Olive Cholesterol Conditioning Creme

Wanna know how I began repairing my Natural Hair after a year of straightening...Let's Talk Hair!

Here is what I think: I think this product is great and has done wonders on my hair. It provides moisture which in turns reduces breakage and soften the hair and leaves it shiny and healthy. Heat damage dries out hair and usually leave it thin and "broke off" but this product instantly begins reversing you hair back to healthy status.

Pros: deep conditioning, smells great, affordable, leaves hair so soft, detangles like a dream, instant results

Cons: contains parabens, mineral oil, alcohol, no ingredient list on packaging!

3.8 out of 4 stars

Overall: This product is very deep conditioning and leaves your hair incredible soft and shiny. The multi use it has as a leave in or a deep conditioner is completely worth the few bucks it costs. A MUST!

Where can I find this product?? Walgreen's, Target and Walmart, under $4

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