Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Frizz Buster/ Summer Hair Staple

Is the summer time heat rays tough on you mane? Let me share with you my staple for frizz-free curls that are protected from the harsh sun...Let's Talk Hair!

Here are the facts: Product contains aloe, silk protein and protective sunscreen. It's a straightening cream that tames, smoothes, shines and maintains moisture balance to help protect hair against heat and remain frizz free even in humid and damp conditions.

Here is what I think: This product is great to protect natural hair from the sun. I know it is made to protect from heat appliances but after adding this product to my hair after defining my curls with some shea butter. I stayed outside all day and shockingly my hair wasn't in its normal dry state after so much sun exposure. It still remained moisturized and kept its shine.

Pros: contains sunscreen, very moisturizing, smells great, great polishing protectant, affordable

Cons: is not a harsh chemical free product

3.6 out of 4 stars

Overall: I will continue to purchase this product for the warm summer months were the sun is tough on my hair because this gives it real break. Its affordable and readily available. And a little product will get you places lol.

Where can I find this product? Walgreens, Under $6

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