Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Floral Harems

                                                      Happy Wednesday Beauties!!

     So Let's Talk hair for a moment. So all of last year I wore my hair straight and all of this year I have been trying to repair it. I have been keeping my hair in braids drenched in shea butter and its been coming back to life lol. My final test was to do a mini twist style because when I tried this in january, my hair was not having it, looked very thin a stringy. But I must say, I think she is back!!!

So this season I am loving prints. But my obsession with florals goes back to my childhood. My mother has always hated my love of florals but now that they are "in" she doesn't mind. Mom is a hater lol.

I believe that my wardrobe needs risks, as does everyone's and I decided to mix metals for a hint of risk in this outfit. Silver shoes from payless for a steal and the "icon" bag from Justfab which I am currently obsessed with have been clinging to this bag for dear life since the beginning of the summer.

I don't know if you've noticed yet but I LOVEEE this style shirt and own it in 6 different colors..don't judge me! I got the shirt and all the jewelry from TJMAXX and the harem florals from H&M.

I'm 18lbs down guys and focused guys. Make sure you follow the facebook page (link in the side bar).

                                                          Stay Beautiful Loves

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