Saturday, July 20, 2013

Dream Chasing

It's up to you to make your dreams a reality!!
I'd Love to share my dreams with you guys. click the link and read my story...

SO my dream of being a make-up artist started some years back...I was about 17 in my senior year of high school, and my skin was terrible. I didn't know what to do and I just wanted to cover it, my prom, graduation and 18th birthday were quickly approaching. My mom eventually took me to the dermatologist and cleared my skin and my dream went dormant until I went to college and my skin got bad all over again which prompted me to by my first foundation from bareminerals.

The foundation was a disaster, partly because i didn't know how to apply and because I ordered it from a late night infomercial and wasn't matched. I felt so embarassed because I felt like real women wore makeup and I just couldn't figure it out LOL. My junior year of college is when it all clicked. I had friends who taught me a little and I just took it from there. I was only ever interested in foundation and mascara, nothing else mattered to me but friends encouraged eye shadow so every now and then I would put one gold/bronzy color all over the lid..humble beginnings lol. So my instant desire to have more led me to keep buying makeup I didn't know how to use. My collection grew way bigger than my actual skill. I barely wore makeup but had more than anyone I knew who actually wore makeup daily. 
Fast Forward to my wedding day and my wonderful makeup artist made me so beautiful and I thought, I wish I could do that, she gave me more that day than she knew.
....and then I got sick and spent so much time in the hospital and felt so ugly in the gowns and the lack of makeup or even moisturizer, I began watching youtube tutorials in the hospital. When I was released and made it home to recover, all i did was watch youtube makeup tutorials and practice on myself and my dream finally revealed itself to me.
I will say it has not been easy. I have had ppl book me and not show up, I have asked friends to lend me there face for practice, that automatically become unavailable when the time came. I have wanted to give up because I thought that if the people you know won't support you than how will you garner the support of a stranger. I have even done work I wasn't paid for. Giving up has definitely crossed my mind but that moment where I am painting someones face is my happiest time and for that I will not give up.

Here I am now, I have practiced on a few friends and been booked by a local up and coming rapper to do makeup for his music videos. I am very excited to be whole heartedly pursuing something I have secretly loved for 7 years. I was told once that If this is something that I really want then i have to live it, breathe it and become it....and that is what I'm doing.

are you following your dreams??

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