Thursday, July 18, 2013

Carols Daughter Monoi Shampoo and Conditioner

Back with another Review....
Like I have said in previous posts I have been repairing my natural hair and searching for new staples. And I definitely love this shampoo conditioner duo. As a natural I don't use shampoo as often as I do conditioner but I noticed that my old shampoo left residue still in my hair so I had to upgrade.

Here are the facts: Monoi Oil is conditioning, repairing and sulfate free, reduces breakage

Here is what I think: the shampoo cleaned my hair completely, no residue whats so ever and definitely removed all product from my hair. The conditioner really gave my hair back the springy curls, full of moisture. I love that a little went a long way because my hair is thick and I hate to have to drown it in the product in order to see the results.

4.5 stars out of 5

Overall: I love this shampoo but its definitely stripping so I would only use once a month but since I only shampoo my hair once a month anyway, it works great! You definitely need to use these products together to see results but the results are instant. No harsh chemicals, very good product. My breakage has decreased drastically so this is definitely my new staple.

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