Monday, June 3, 2013

Products I Regret Buying

Are you an impulse buyer? or are you a researcher? And if you wondering what a researcher is, then you probably are a impulse buyer LOL. I'm like 70% researcher and 30% impulse buyer but only when it comes to makeup. I will watch every youtube video, google it and read every blog post, go to the sites who sell it and read customer reviews...i have a problem LOL but there are those very rare times that i had the money and i saw it and thought "i think i should try this'. Those typically turn into things I wish I never bought...

From left to right
burberry - smells to strong
maybeline mousse shadows - no color pay off
elf 24k mascara - horrible brush
elf makeup remover pen - no product in this, just a sponge on a pen WTF
elf brush cleaner - definitely doesnt clean anything lol
loreal BBcream - broke me ok and no coverage, or moisture or anything it promised
Bare Minerals flawless face brush - hardest brush ever and sheds like crazy
nyx eyebrow pencil - doesnt match
bareminerals waterproof liner - love it but when you sharpen you lose so much product.

Have you bought anything lately you hate? ..tell me about it below!

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