Monday, April 8, 2013

HIgh End vs. Low End : Finishing Powders

So we are all familiar with the myth that if it costs more it must be better. Don't get me wrong, I was admittedly a high end makeup junkie because I to believed that drugstore wasn't good enough for me HA...I  used to be an idiot ya'll LOL but I feel smarter now, let me tell you.

A good finishing powder is the difference between holding your makeup together all day or looking like you never put any on just hours after you beat you face LOL

Above are some of my fave high & low end powders.

$18 A talc-free, weightless mineral-based finishing powder that brightens and illuminates the skin to impart a natural "lit from within" glow. This powder has great hold and is translucent with a little sparkle.. Excellent but pricey.

$22 A lighter-than-air setting powder that adds an invisible lightening boost. This powder is also great. Leaves a nice suttle glowy finish it double as a nice highlight if you just wanna place it under the eye. 

The e.l.f. High Definition Powder is a translucent, versatile loose powder that creates a flawless, "soft focus" effect to the skin. I got this at Target a month ago and havent used anything else since. it has all the qualities of the others minus the sparkle. I highly recommend you give it a try.

for a makeup staple you always wanna find a good deal because these are items you have to keep buying so I hope i helped save you some money lol

and if you have found a good finishing powder for the low LOL comment below, I would love to try it. 

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