Saturday, April 6, 2013

Budget Buys: MakeUp Removers

Makeup is so much fun to wear. But it's also extremely important to take off. A good makeup remover can run you a few to many dollars but they aren't all expensive. Look what I found...

So I went to Walmart in search of a good makeup remover than can remove my new full coverage 24hr revlon colorstay foundation which I will be reviewing soon and decided to pick up these beauties. The eye makeup remover is Walmart's version of the neutrogena oil free eye make remover. It costed around  $2-3 and removes everything including the glue on false lashes. The wipes come 40 a pack and cost about $5-6 and work great to remove foundation, blush, lipstick, etc. I suggest you store them upside down so the ones on top stay moist. Both products are awesome and for less then $10 you can have both..go for it.


  1. I already knew about the eye makeup remover but have to try those wipes. Great tip about storing them upside-down. Thanks!

    1. Yes girl those wipes are everything I've been looking for LOL hope you enjoy!