Sunday, September 11, 2011

Guess Who's Bizzack?!?!

And Getting Married!!! ME!!!!!!!!!!!
I've been gone for so long and soooooooo much has changed in my life in the last few months let me tell you. I went to new york for my 23rd birthday in May and that kicked off my transitional phaze i put myself through lol. I was at a questionable time in my life. I found out i would need even more credits to complete my degree, started to not even want it anymore. My boyfriend of 5 years seemed to be dragging his feet on taking us to the next level and I was over waiting. I missed my family. And I really needed to find myself and just figure out what i wanted in life..SO!!! I took a semester off of school, left my boyfriend, moved home with my family and started my quest to find ME!!...I rekindled some distant friendship and starting bonding more with my girl friends. I started having real family time. I lasted all of 3 weeks not talking to my boyfriend before I just couldnt take it anymore. Fast forward a few back in school, my boyfriend asked me to marry him,  and i got all the family i need LOL. I am so happy yall!! If I could make everyone feel like i feel now the world would be a better place...
Im telling you guys this to say sometimes your moving so fast you lose sight of what you want. STOP!! and take the time to figure out your next step..
I'M BACK!!!!!!

P.S. i hope i dont annoy you guys with the massive wedding posts coming your way lol