Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Fit Bride!!

This is week four of weight watchers and of the Insanity work out.
 Starting weight : 194.0
 Current weight : 187.4
 Goal Weight    : 125.0

Although my number isn't really body is transforming! All my clothes fit better and i'm so into getting dressed now, more than ever. If I feel this good now, i wonder how great ill feel when I have successful dropped all the weight I want.

I also went and tried on dresses this past weekend with my bridesmaids and I think i found the one...For fear of my fiancee seeing my in it early, i wont post the fabulous picture of me in it but here is a snippet

The date is December 28, 2012...and I'm so excited for the big day..I felt like I had so much time to plan at first, now i feel like time is flying and if I don't get on top of it, the day will be here before I know it!!

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  1. Congrats on the weight loss thus far! My goal weight is 125....keep pushing..I'm sure you're going to look FANTABULOUS, not that you don't now.