Saturday, February 26, 2011

What women really want???

Although I really want to spark a serious conversation about the wants and needs of women..I cant resist first showing you this HILARIOUS video I found on youtube.

Funniest video ever..HAha!

Anyway on a serious note...what do we really want? Is it the single life, or the long-term relationship??Is it to make sure we love ourselves or to make sure someone else loves us? Is it just to be happy? but what makes you happy? Do you know??
Lately I have been deciding what I can and cant handle. What are ultimate deal breakers for me, things i know I NEED from myself and from others. I am getting older and alot of the shit I thought would make me happy doesn't. I am starting to realize that i'm getting to comfortable with not being completely happy.

I know I cant be the only one so i would like your opinion on the subject..what do women really want???

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