Thursday, February 17, 2011

Straight Hair Dilemna

For the last two weeks my hair has been straight!! Although I made a New years resolution to not straighten my hair this year, i failed! But it gets worst LOL I think I like my hair more when its straight. I go through this everytime I straighten it, but as it has gotten to an unbelievable length for me I have strongly considered keeping t straight... My love for my curls has become less of a "love" and more of a "like". The reality of it is that my hair was straight for longer than i've been natural, and I am naturally better at taking care of my hair when its straight. The crazy thing is I only straightened it to clip my ends and ended up loving it long enough to keep for 2 weeks.

I put this last picture up on facebook yesterday and if ya'll could see how many "like" and comments it has gotten...mind you i have an entire album of my natural styles and as an entire album it hasnt gotten as much love as this one picture with my hair straight has gotten...are people trying to tell me something??? Do I not look good as a natural???

I NEED yall feedback..