Monday, February 21, 2011

My Obsession

SO If you had a 5 second conversation with me, you would quickly find out I AM OBSESSED WITH NEW YORK CITY. I have been my entire life. I used to watch TRL when i was younger just so i could see NYC in the background. When I was 16 I had the privledge of going with close friends at the time for a week to "view colleges". Although that was the trips purpose, we didnt see any colleges but we did enjoy the city to the fullest! That trip as literally the high light of my entire existence. Now I am 22 and more obsessed than ever...any reality show based in NY, i watch etc. Oh how I long to Move there... I work in retail management right now and I have the opportunity to transfer to one of my companies locations in NY but so many ppl are getting in my head about how will I afford living there...AND IT PISSES ME OFF...This is my dream I just want to follow it! Another set back is I havent finished my degree yet, I would love to finish my degree then move there but i dont wanna wait any longer. I feel like i should just transfer there, my job and school and start building my life where I wanna be, because where I am at is starting to depress me...

I have BIG DREAMS that I KNOW I can make a reality if i was in a more opportuned location. I am from chicago, born and raised, but I currently live in my college town. When i'm done with school I really dont want to move back home to chicago. I feel like I've seen it all there and I need something NEW!

This post was actually suppose to be about new fashion bloggers I am currently obsessed with and how i have been on the hunt for a NY based blog so i could look at pics of NY in the Background lol I got all off track telling yall why I love bad...check the next post for fashion bloggers Im obsessed with lol

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