Friday, February 25, 2011

Men & Natural Hair

A While Back I had the genius idea to start a Natural Hair Talk Show on Youtube with a few of my close friends at the time. I was so excited then, I couldn't wait to include my friends. When we got into the swing of things we loved making videos and informing the natural hair community every Tuesday with Natural Hair Tuesdays. I miss it just typing about it. ANYWAY I wanted to get the men on our college campus' opinion on natural hair. So we set out and asked men on our campus to give us there honest opinion on Natural Hair asking all of them the same questions..we knew it was good idea but when i signed into the Natural Hair Tuesdays YT channel today to see that the videos have over 12,000 views combined and are still being commented on, i thought I have to share this on my blog.
The funny thing about the comments is that people really think we pulled these boys off the street, but in fact they are all college educated men and this is just how they actually feel about natural hair.

I wanna ask you this question because when i starting doing this documentary series I kept this thought in the back of my mind... How much does a man opinion of your hair affect what you do to it???

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