Thursday, February 17, 2011

I Used To Be Fat...94 Days left to go.. weight has always been a major thing I have wanted to change about myself. I love food but hate feeling fat and anytime I am nearing 200lbs I kick it into high gear and start to get it together because 200 is just to damn big for me..
                                           Me at my Heavyiest Weight= 197lbs

The day I was tagged in this picture on FB was the day I woke up and devised a  plan to feel & look better.

                                                    A few months later= 170lbs(lowest adult weight)
This was back at the end of 2008 carrying into 2009..Once i got down to a size 9 and out of a 13/15, I felt so great that I bought all new clothes and then stupidly went back to eating whatever I wanted..i didnt gain the weight back overnight. Actually it took me some time.

January 10, 2011 I stepped on the scale and saw that i was 193lbs which meant i only kept 4lbs off..and in true Aubree (thats me) fashion I kicked it into high gear once again...

I currently weight 180! Been busting my ass to get this weight off because 200lbs is too much for me. I have been struggling with this P90x program, but since there is only 94 days to my 23rd Bday, I will struggle no more!

I would love to weigh 125lbs and I WILL bust my ass to achieve this goal..
I have retstarted the P90x plan today and I have corrected my eating habits because vday has messed me up.

In 94 days I will be able to say I USED TO BE FAT!! And I encourage you all to join me on the Final weight loss journey I will ever go on!!


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  1. I know how you feel. Nothing is worse than getting on a scale and finding out that you weigh a lot more than you thought. I weighed 192 almost a month ago and now I'm 181.5. My goal is to get down to 165. We can both reach our goals! It just takes a lot of discipline. Can't wait to see your progress.