Monday, February 21, 2011

I Used To Be Fat...90 Days left to go..

So I wanted to show you guys my wall of inspiration. I dont know if you all watch the MTV series, I used to be fat but on the show they rip down a sheet of paper everyday signifying how many days they have left. Today I woke up and ripped down 91 and now i officially have 90 days left to go. You know what takes 90 days...P90X!!!! So although i should be entering week 2 of my program with p90x, I think imma restart today and have the next 90 days dedicated to full heartedly completing the program.

Oh BTW did you check out the hot girl i have on my wall hahaha! a friend of mine has a big blow up pic of her on her wall in hopes to achieve a similar body while on her weight loss journey. She printed me a small pic, I named the chick Bionca lol im trying to get like her!

If you are on any type of health kick I highly recommend taking a multivitamin. I am in love with these, mainly because I cant swallow pills LOL but they are awesome!!

Good luck to all those trying to get there body right.. My next weigh in is on day 72 but i will update before then..hope you feel inspired!

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  1. I love that show, especially when the contestants look back on his/her journey and realize how much progress was made. Hard work pays off.

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