Monday, February 21, 2011

Fashion Blogger You MUST Follow

So I have been on the hunt for great new fashion blogs to follow. Preferable some in NYC because Im obsessed with that city ( check out the previous post). While checking out Young, Fat & Fabulous Blog I saw she recently attended a fashion blogger conference and she added links to the blogs of the people she was photographed with. I clicked on them and quickly feel in love with a few...

Where Did U Get That Blog: she is NYC based and i literally stalked this blog for 2 days lol IN LOVE
Karla's Closet Blog: I think she is in Cali but she has made alot of trips to NY & has lots of pics

I am so in love with these fashion blogs not just because of there locations but there individual styles are so amazing. And Karlas style really reflects what I wish my style was. Check them out

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