Tuesday, January 4, 2011

What is a Natural Hair Journey???

One of my Natural Hair inspirations has always been Taren916 from youtube. When I first cut my hair back in october of 2009, I watched her videos for encouragement, to reassure myself that one day my hair would be back on my head but better than ever. Recently Taren has been going through something with her Hair and has been very open and honest about her struggles. The most recent is her heat damage fiasco. I noticed that she has gotten some negative feedback, berating her for making a "stupid mistake". I think people don't realize that as you go on the Natural hair journey, you will never get everything right the first time. ITS A JOURNEY! you will have up and downs, and you will learn from trial and error, thats the point. The journey is just an account of your hair over time, mistakes included. Don't be discouraged guys!!!

Here is my Journey!

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