Monday, January 3, 2011

Problem Skin?? Here's MY Solution!

So I have had ance-prone skin since high school and boy has it sucked!! But as I sit her, a 22 year old who has finally stopped breaking out and found a full proof skin regimen that works for me, I know I have to share this regimen with you guys!

I have used some of everything..from drugstore, to department store, to doctor prescriptions, birth control..blah blah..and when I think back at all the money I wasted, i could cry LOL but in the end here is my solution

I found out about this soap from a fellow Youtuber who has acne, watch her video!!

Ex foliate..
I bought some St.Ives body wash a while back, and attached to it was a sample of this face scrub. I started using it in combination with my black soap and quickly noticed a huge change in my skin. It was softer & wasn't breaking out at all. Haven't looked back since. This product is oil-free with 100% natural green tea.

What I've noticed as I have been on this skin journey is that moisturizers with "acne fighting ingredients" such as salicylic acid, peroxide, etc. DO NOT HELP my skin. Actually the less I use of those ingredients, the better my skin is. So I make sure its not in my moisturizer or face wash and only a small percentage in the exfoliant. This moisturizer is 100% Oil-, Fragrance- and PABA-Free. Non-Comedogenic (Won’t Clog Pores). 

All products are available at a drugstore near you and are all under $10..remember everything doesn't work for everyone but I been on this journey for forever and I swear I'd back these products with my life and as soon as they don't work anymore..I will let you guys no ASAP!

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  1. Wise in your years! I suffered acne in my teens and well into my adult life! I still get breakouts occasionally (I'm 46)! However, I started using Black Soap a couple of years ago and IT IS great! And, believe me, I've tried all kinds of treatments from dermatologists and very expensive brands only to find that it worked for a moment and then...

    Glad you found out early!