Monday, January 3, 2011


I would love to talk to you guys about Natural Hair, make-up, and fashion all the time. So installed on the right side of the bottom toolbar is a chatroom, where you can use your facebook, yahoo, twitter, or google to sign in and give your opinion on the current topic. So if you guys have any questions or just want to jump in on the conversation, please do so by clicking 'Join Chat' on the bottom toolbar.
Todays convo is in reference to this letter:

"i have a question, i am currently in high school! and i have been natural for 2 years now! but i am on a dance team tht my coach want us to look alike even when it comes to our hair. so we had to wear our hair down, so i brought me a half wig and i was going to straighten my front, i did just tht! after the game the next day, saturday, i washed my hair but my hair would not come back to its natural curl pattern! and i found out tht i have done heat damage to my hair. so now i can not wear my afro lik i wanted to nor do two strand twist. and i went ahead and did my second big chop! and my hair is now 2 inches long!i like to wear my different color bonnets, but at my school tht don't allow because thy think it is a hat! now here is my question it is winter right now and i need a protective hairstyles, do u know any that i can try with my hair length? thanks bye!"

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