Tuesday, October 26, 2010

My Invisible Part Creations

So guys I am not sure if I've told ya'll but i do hair..relaxers, wraps, clip ends, micros, braids, sewins..and now invisible parts!!! One of my regular clients asked me to do it and like i always do when I have never done something..i took to youtube..! I watched videos for about 2 days to make sure i knew what I was doing, i am a super perfectionist..Cant have you walking around talking bout "Aubree did my hair" and you look a mess lol (my first name is Aubree). So my very first invisible part
was the last picture(the lighter girl) and it came out great. My friend saw an asked me to do a feathered bob on her..I am new to cutting. Just bought my first pair of shears and a razor comb last week, but in a weeks time I learned how to really do something lol..Anyway look at my first two invisible part creations.

I really like doing invisble parts as apposed to sew-ins, and i really like that all your hair is tucked away, so I am considering do a few styles on my hair this fall/winter season. I will defintely blog about it to show yall pics when I do!

Also if yall wearing weaves this winter/fall and you dont want to spend an arm & a leg on hair..on the bob i used sassy human hair from sally's which is only $7.99..and $7.79 with your beauty club card...