Thursday, October 7, 2010

Eco-Styler love!

So I definitely don't do this often but I decided to do a twist out. My fave twist out is usually a flat twist out but i dediced to try something new and flat twist my roots while two strand twisting the rest.
I LOVED the results even tho i said i was going to stop styling my hair..I used a lot of eco-styler for definition and because i planned for this style to last a day so i didnt need longevity just definition. I have a couple straight ends in my hair but not because of heat damage..its mainly because i used toooo much gel lol which weighed my hair down then i twisted it before it had a chance to define my natural curls..

All in all i think this was a great style option, i hope you try it!


  1. just bought 2 jars one for strong hold [like for buns] and one for twist outs.. hope my results look like urs (=

  2. I'm sure it will, I love this stuff..I think i like the olive oil gel better than the clear one i usually buy. Good luck tho.