Thursday, September 23, 2010

My Natural Hair Straightened

As you can see, I have finally done it!!! I have sucessfully straightened my natural hair, and to my surprise, it is 13 inches long!!!!OMG!!! Considering how much i pride myself on hair care i wasn't completely stunned but seeing my hair at a length i have never seen before was quite a shocker. I am quickly approaching my one year anniversary of naturalness post BC.

October 30, 2009

Let me just tell you that the amount of growth I have achieved in less than a year is completely possible by you as well. When I posted the pic of my length on twitter (@starterbeauty) the bulk of my comments where inquiries as to what secret tip did i have for hair growth...There's no secret!!! I clip my ends on a need only basis and not on a time schedule because your hair may not need to be clipped every ______(insert ridiculous amount of time here). I wash my hair maybe twice a week if it feels dirty, once a week if not. I live by ONE PRODUCT LINE, Giovanni! I am a strong believer that being a product junkie is not going to help at all with achieving length. And as far as moisture..water, shea butter, coconut that order! That's all I have ever used and it has worked thus far.!!!

Straightening products used!!
I live by this stuff has sunscreen, aloe, vitamin E, smells like strawberries and most importantly leaves my hair heat damage free. Its very inexpensive as well you can get it at CVS, Walgreens, etc. for less than $10 and it will be quite the investment.

Hope this has helped if you are thinking about straightening your hair or if you need help growing your hair. If you have any questions feel free to drop them in the requests area and the next post might be dedicated to you!!

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  1. Wow Bree!!


    In less then 1 year!!!

    I am impressed and inspired.

  2. @JenellyBean thanks J! I was so excited lol I would have never thought, glad your inspired, makes me happy!

  3. Can u give me the name of the product that u used to go to the strait is hard to see the photo on my blackberry. Did u just blow dry and/or flat iron. U can tweet/DM me @people4tpeople. Thank u!

  4. @Kalena i used Fantasia IC hair polisher heat protectant, straightening spray & i didnt blow dry i just let my hair air dry in bantu knots , then flat ironed it!