Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Todays Hair

So I'm not pleased. After co-washing last nite i sectioned my hair into 14 pieces, two-strand twisted it, and then rodded it. I let it dry all night and morning and took it down this afternoon..these are my results!!

I love the moisture and how great my hair feels but this style didn't turn out how I expected. I wanted it to be more defined curls. I think my hair wasnt completely dry and i probably should have done more twists. Overall still glad i did it, so I can just comb this and have a nice blank moisturized canvas for the next style..

i absolutely love this headband of mine..i found it at the dollar store and its really cute.

what do you guys think?


  1. I may have worked better if you flat twisted. I always get tighter curls that way. I do less twists when I want the "Joan" look. Nonetheless I think it is adorable!

  2. thx guys and yes flat twists are my normal fave but i tried something new..not doing that again lol