Friday, June 11, 2010

Shoes Shoes Shoes!!!

So if you follow me on twitter @starterbeauty you know that I wear a size 11 shoe and I used to hate but i recently started embracing my big feet. I went shopping a few week ago with my mom and we went to dsw shoes, nordstrom rack, tj-maxx, and forever21 and i found great shoes...Then came my new OBSESSION WITH SHOES !!!

So I check out this blog and they have a fashion feature titled "Aryn's Closet" where this girl has some bad shoes, and she is a size 11 also..So I have taken a liberty to track down a couple of shoes she shows in the video and here they are lol

Dollhouse - Verilla Wedge - Black SKU: 506464 System Heel - Grey Suede SKU: 586160these are from torrid and they carry size 11's
these are my Favorite..and i don't even like wedges these are at journeys/dollhouse's website

There are a billion shows i'd love to show you but this ost would never end so i wanna say ladies if your feet are a little bigger than average, dont be discouraged..they make shoes for us to!

these places carry size 11:
Dsw shoes
Nordtrom rack
Lord & Taylor

..i will add to this list as i find more and if you know of more comment below

Hope this helps Divas

Until Next Time

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