Thursday, June 24, 2010

New Protective Style

Sorry guys that I havent updated with a style option in a while..As you all know i am doing AGrlCanMac's Waist length challenge . One of my plans to retain length was to do more protective styling. Well I tried youtubing ideas but it seems that when most naturals put there hair in a protective style it somehow involves weave. Which isn't what i was looking for. My favorite protective style is probably the micro twists but i wore those off and on for two months and I needed something new. SO this is what I came up with..what do you think???

I sectioned my hair in 4 parts for detangling. I did two strand twists in the back and in the front two sections i flat twisted it and i just put it all up in a ponytail.

I wasnt sure where i was going with this style when i first started lol but i do like my results.

Hope this helps

until next time...

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  1. Love the flat twist and bun.

    I did my BC in March I've got about 3 inches so far... I want to set myself some length goal too, obviously waist length is wayyy too ambitious. But yeah what is a realistic length goal; let's say for like in a years time...

    Check me out on btw.

  2. I love it!!

    It really looks great.

    How long did it take you to do this??