Thursday, June 3, 2010

Hair Habits to Drop

So this will be one of a series of tips that i will provide for those Naturals whom seem to still have a relaxed mindset. The series will be titled "Hair Habits to Drop".

The first tip came to me from being asking recently "what do you use to grease your scalp?"

The thing with greasing your scalp is its such an old, learned habit that you just dont know anything different. Your mother, and your mothers mother have been greasing there scalp for the longest and passed that horrid habit down to there children. They do it in order to make sure that your scalp isn't dry so that your hair can flourish...BUT...

Most grease contains mineral oil, and petroleum and although it seems that its helping its really sitting on your scalp clogging your pores and preventing growth. Greases are heavy, thick substances that coat your scalp..ask yourself this "how is your hair going to grow through a thick coat of vasaline?" GROSS!

What you wanna do is opt for something lighter that you don't apply directly to your scalp but to your hair itself. Moisturizers are always good but the goal is to lock in the moisture. The best way to do so is while your hair is wet then add your moisture. The goal is to retain the moisture thats already in your hair. If you add a moisturizer to dry hair there is nothing to lock in and your hair and scalp will still be dry while some substance coats it and again retards growth.

Hoped this helps Divas!

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  1. or you could use oils like olive oil and things of that nature and apply it directly to the scalp because instead of just sitting on your scalp it is absorbed by your skin...

  2. wow.
    someone asked me that (if i oil my scalp) just yesterday.
    i had no idea how to even answer it!

    this is a great tip.

    one of my issues is i have a dry, itchy scalp.
    (i have eczema,
    which probably affects that,
    but it's not in my head.)
    my stylist uses a scalp treatment,
    and when i'm doing it myself,
    washing twice a week has helped.
    hopefully i can find a great shampoo and/or scalp treatment to help,

  3. @ Luv - i agree, i usually put coconut oil on my scalp but only for hot oil treatments and it leaves my scalp good for weeks

    @Janelle i recommend giovanni shampoo & conditioner..they have no drying agents in there products and are completely organic..your scalp will love you for it..i live by these products