Friday, June 4, 2010

Benefits of Glycerin

this question came from a new twitter friend @DazzlingRayn
"People talking about spraying their hair with mix of water/oil/glycerin. Why would I do it and how often?"

The moisturizing benefits of Glycerin are exceptional for Hair and Skin. Glycerin is a Natural Humectant which means its strong properties allow it to retain moisture as well as pull moisture into your hair. It is clear and colorless and soluble in water. Because its soluble its used in a wide range of heavily manufactured products but..using a direct application of glycerin is extra powerful. Those who suffer from dry, flaky scalp can add glycerin to treat that and instantly relief those irritants while adding moisture. On top of its moisturizing benefits, it strengthens the hair, preventing breakage and split ends. The best way i find to use it is when mixed with water and applied via a spray bottle. Water adds the moisture to your hair and the Glycerin locks it in adds more by pulling the moisture from the atmosphere. Its so light that your hair will feel so soft, moisturized and free from and heavy creams or greases.

i absolutely recommend water/glycerin spray, especially in our warmer months..this stuff was made for naturals lol

hope this helps divas

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  1. Hello my fellow #naturalhair DIVA! Great post. i find I use glycerin more in the summer than in the winter. Dont aks why!

  2. I find the same..when the summer hits this is my must have..i love it..its like instant hydration

  3. Awesome!

    Im so posting this on my fanpage.

  4. Where can I find glycerin?

  5. you can find it almost anywhere..all grocery stores, walmart, target,cvs, walgreens..etc.

  6. Thanks for sharing. I purchased some today. How do I mix it? How many drop of glycerin to say 4 oz of water?


  7. i don't mix by drop i like to abt 2/5 glcerin and 3/5 water..hope this helps

  8. This sounds great. I'm just 12 days BC and its become really dry - I know the colour doesn't help. And we're having a rare summer time in the UK. Will definitely do this myself. Thanks v much.