Friday, June 4, 2010

Hair Accessories

True to the name of the Blog "ask bree" i was asked recently asked by a fellow twitter friend @beautiifuldream "where can i find some cute #naturalhairaccessories? preferably side hustles/black owned biz?"

Being that I don't really acessorize my hair as often as I probably should I was stumped for a second. But then I thought I am uberly into fashion and can tell you were to get almost everything even if I haven't tried it out my here goes...

Forever 21 is my all time FAVORITE store for clothing and acessories..they have the cutest fashion pics for very affordable prices, and there not to shabby on the Hair acessories..
This uber cute headband comes in 8 colors and is $2.50

The Classic Cloth Headband is $3.80

For the more daring Fashionista theres the Vintage Veil weighing in at $4.80

These Fab Chiffon Flower bobby pins are $1.50

these are jus a few of my top pics from but you might wanna head on over and pick what best fits your style. They have hates, headbands, clips, bows, crochet and all inbetween.

The Next hot spot for you inquiring accessory lovers is Black Onyx is a Natural Hair Vlogger who has her own hair care product line, jewelry line, & hair accessory line. She makes some very cute thnggs, here are my top pics.

Blue Peacock Hair Flower Clip This blue Peacock Flower Clip is so cute...price $13..a little much but cute nonetheless.

Hair Bling- Bobby Pin Clip This Leaf Bobby Pin clip serves as great hair bling for $7.00

Glitzy Colorful Headband This Glitzy Colorful Headband is $17.00 of fabness, can definitely make a plain outfit pop.

Violet Hair Bling Clip What better to style your Updo's than this Hair bling ringing up at $9.00

There is so much more has to offer, head on offer and make your selections.

An up and coming Hair Accessory E-tailer is which is owned and ran by fellow Natural Hair Youtube kimmaytube. Things on this site can be pretty pricy so i will only show case my top affordable picks.

Asian Print Satin Headwraps This Asian Printed Headwrap is available for $5.99 n 6 colors

Crochet Stretch Headwraps The crochet stretch headwrap comes in 12 colors for $5.99

Goody Ouchless Flex BarretteThis Goody Ouchless Barrets will keep your hair pinned without snagging and causing any damage and there $3.19 is all about styling while protecting and they have a few more options over at the site..i encourage you to check them out.

Those were my top fashion pics from a few places that I am fond of..I hope this helped Divas

until next time

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