Wednesday, May 19, 2010


So Every tuesday me and my friends get together and talk hair. We do our natural hair while watching youtube videos on hair care/ styles etc. until our hair is styled up and then we go about our day. Well one friend (not pictured) recently decided to go natural and begin her transitioning process..which flashed a light bulb in that brain of mines. Why not record our tuesday processes with our hair and put it on YT. But then i boring would that be to record us doing our hair and watching videos..So then came "Natural Hair Tuesdays". Its a talk show that airs every tuesday at 5pm on YT at .

The reasoning i picked these specific people wasn't just because they are my friends, it was there placement on there natural hair journeys..let me introduce the cast: (from left, to right)

I have been fully natural since October 30, 2009, thats my BC date. My show persona is the "Main Stream Natural" and i'll explain why. Although I have not been
natural the longest on the show, i have been healthily natural the longest. Every
since i began transitioning almost a yr ago exactly, I have been the heaviest researcher. I have taken great care of my hair and manage to wear it mainly in un-
natural styles. I have been called the most "non natural, natural" lol I like to be
educated on it before i try it, i dont like big hair or afros and i keep my hair very
tamed. Its jus a personal choice but I am sure you get why I am named that.
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She has been fully natural since December 12, 2009, thats her BC date. Her show
persona/perspective is "the new natural". Thats pretty self explanatory. She is the last
to go natural and has a TWA and is giving her perspective on all topics. Her hair type is
4a and not only does she want to help all newbies but especially the type 4 sistas. She
takes great care of her hair and researches alot to. she loves Big hair and cant wait until
her hair grows out and she can rock a huge fro.
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She has been natural the longest. I met her about two years ago & she was rockin a puff
then and most including myself didn't kno what she was doing with her hair. LOL Her
Show Persona is the "damaged natural" because she has been natural the longest but she
wasnt practicing healthy hair care techniques and was doing her hair all wrong. She didnt
research she jus stopped getting relaxers one day and that was it. Her hair was clearly
damaged, dry, brittle, shedding, and there were straight pieces from when she had
straightened it. She is now a recovering Natural who moisturizes her hair lol and is
making it healthy again. She is embracing naturalness and is helping all those who may
have also had a rough start.
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The Purpose of the show is to give you different perspectives, opinions, hair types and journeys in a talk show aspect so that we can help all those in the natural hair community in every facet possible.

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enjoy the show and until next time, STAY BLESSED & NATURAL!