Tuesday, April 6, 2010

My Staple Products

Now that i am finally out of my product junkie faze, i wanna share with you the products that i can't live without..

Shampoo: Giovanni 50:50 Balanced clarifying & Giovanni Smooth as silk Moisturizing shampoo
These shampoos have eliminated co-washng from my hair care regimen. The
reasoning for co-washing is because the chemicals in shampoo, such as sulfates, are to
harsh for regular usage on hair. Well Giovanni is an organic brand that doesn't use any
harsh ingredients..including no sulfates.. I can now shampoo my hair as often as i like
without drying out my hair or stripping it of the necessaries for healthy hair. The
clarifying one is ph balanced shampoo thats great for a deep cleanse. The moisturizing
one i use jus for my normal washes. Great stuff

Conditioner: Giovanni 50:50 balanced conditioner. I use it after shampooing to hydrate,
moisturize and detangle my hair then i rinse out and follow up with my leave-in.

Leave-IN: Giovanni weightless direct leave in conditioner is a must. I had been using cantu but
hoping to find something better with a less residuey feeling on my hair & i found it.
This stuff really moisturizes without being heavy and feeling icky..Love it!

Mousse: Giovanni styling foam mousse. I bought this out of curiousity. I plan to one day to a
roller set and i knew i would need a good foam wrap lotion so i bought this but i tried it
on my wash & go and was pleasantly surprised by the soft defined curls i saw.GreAT!

Gel: I wanted a good gel for hold and ecostyler is def the one for me..it is an alcohol free product
really good for hold, and curl definition.

Moisurizing/styling cream: so this i made with the mix of my carols daughter body butter in
chocolate sugar honey dip and my ecostyler with a little of my africa's
best herbal oil..I love how great this is for my hair. gives all styles
extra sheen, shine, moisture and hold..LOVE it
click link for more abt this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EToe_NMZTXc

Feel free to ask any questions on the above products and if you use any share your story..


  1. I cant find the Giovanni Leave In anywhere!

    I'll have to get it from online, or have you buy me some and send it!

  2. have you used the tea tree triple treat line at all by giovanni?
    i heard it's good for people with dry scalps,
    which is one of my problems.
    i'm thinking of buying giovanni but it's between the tea tree triple treat line and smooth as silk line.

  3. @janelle i have been living by the tea tree shampoo and conditioner for a few weeks now..Girl it has some sort of peppermint product within..your scalp feels so damn good lol i absolutely LOVE the tea tree..will have to review soon