Thursday, April 22, 2010

My first Puff

so as most of you no i am in college. Well there was a kappa probate show that one of my friends wanted me to go to with them problem was the nite before I had combed out my wash and go and put my afro into 6 big ass braids and kept it wrapped all day. So i had to think quick, i took the braids down and tied a stocking around my head, pulled back tight to create my first pony puff..OMG i would have never thought i'd see the day. I mean those who know me know i dont hide the fact that i dont like afros or puffs on me..i like my hair extremely tamed otherwise i feel "too natural" i know, i know..shoot me..anyway i definitely dont feel that way anymore, Everyone loved this puff on me but more importantly i loved it..YAY ME! lol

What do you think??


  1. Funny how all your hating on the puff made the puff love you!

    Oh the irony...

  2. lol i know..i ws so uncomfortable at first, i kept asking all my friends "do i look to natural?" they thought i was insane and i was