Tuesday, April 13, 2010

AGrlCanMac's 2yr Hair Growth Challenge

So I'm excited!!! And let me tell you why...one of my twitter natural hair friends @AGrlCanMac is challenging herself and whoever else wants to join to grow there hair to waist length by april 2012..I am so ready for this. I have actually been wanting to do something like this for abt a month so I am real happy this has presented itself.

The above pic is where my hair legth as of april 8th..so basically NOW! My plan to obtain length is simple

1. only using all natural products in my hair
2. begin hot oil treatments, and deep conditioning once a week
3. protective styles..very little manipulation to my hair
4. no heat
5. taking care of my body

..um thats it lol if i think of more i will add but my hair is growing now and i aint doing none of this so i dont have to do that much..this should be soo much fun

check out her blog and join the challenge.http://www.agrlcanmac.com/

leave a comment & follow my blog..luv you guys *muah

1 comment:

  1. Good Luck with this challenge.

    You are very focused on good hair care already, so I know you will surpass your goals!

    Looking at your most recent post, I can see the growth already kicking in!