Monday, February 1, 2010

Oh How I love My CURLS!

Being natural CAN be fun!!!

So I went out the weekend before last because it was ladies free before 11. Me and my girl decided that we wanted to go at 10pm, leaving us 30min to get ready and drive there..Had this have been a few months ago when i first went natural my reaction would have been "DAMN what am i going to do to my hair?" but now that i have been natural for 3months and have acquired some signature styles, the task was simple..

Here are a few pics of one of my fave go to styles when I am pressed for time but still wanna be cute!

Side view

I used cantu shea butter leave-in conditioner all over freshly washed, towel dried(still damp) hair and then applied eco styler gel on top for serious curl definition and then parted and brushed/slicked back my sidesss

What do you think???
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