Saturday, January 16, 2010

Girl Talk : Relationships!

Its no secret that the company of another is craved by every human being. Who wouldn't want to be fully and whole heartedly loved by another? Someone who respects you, would give you there world, treats you like a queen, is your best friend and an overall great person. Someone whom you are physical and emotionally intune with. But are those elements a must for a relationship still? Or are you settling because of the fear of being alone?

Ladies..Lets Talk about IT!

As I sit back as someone who has been in a relationship for 2 1/2 years, that has had its fair share of problems and kinks that have been worked out, I watch others relationships and can spot almost each and every flaw. I want the best for all those that are close to me and even people I never met so it bothers me when I see things that aren't right. SO I pose this question, Are you happily involved or conveniently occupied?

What is it about being alone that scares people? How come it is so difficult to get over a relationship? Is it really that you lost someone you loved? or is because you no longer have someone to occupy your time? Because honestly, once upon a time that person you "lost" didn't exist in your life and you were jus fine...

The quality of significant others have dropped lately. It used to be about personality, morals, whether or not you could marry this person, or if they would make a great parent. If you couldn't see them with you 20 years down the line, the were a waste of time. But now that's not the case. Its all about the unnecessaries. How much money you got, how well you dress, how good you look and more materialistic positives. Your partner should be someone you share your world, self, and life with. Your bestfriend! People are quicker to open there legs nowadays than to open there minds and there mouths to communicate the things you really need from a significant other.

Why give your all to someone who cant give you a fraction? How stupid do you feel on a regular basis? Do you like that? Why avoid the facts? If you KNOW you are under-appreciated or being cheated on or shit If your not happy, why do you stay??? Scared to be alone??Why? You aren't really alone unless your internal foundation is flawed. You have family. Family who loves you unconditionally and can listen to you and understand all your feelings. You have friends that are people you chose to be in your life due to some common enjoyment. Granted that these relationships cant provide you physical satisfaction but if thats all you miss, you have bigger problems.

The Point : You are a human being amongst many others, that has natural attractions and wants and needs but until you are ready to identify all of the above and make the appropriate decision for yourself, Don't enter a "relationship" where you are taken advantage of, unhappy, settling, made a fool of, or not emotionally and physically stimulated and satisfied.
Communication is Key! Talk to your partner and make sure you guys are happy and headed in the right direction or let it go...

Be Blessed

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